Why Us

Unlike other predictions sites that give predictions best on certain computer systems and software which really doesn’t make sense because of the fact that soccer is played by human beings, we at Bestpredictions.net are a team of soccer analysts who provide you with soccer predictions based on analysis, extensive research on team statistics, player availability and other factors.

We carry out further research on what we see as the best match day games and select the teams with the highest chances of winning. Remember we follow numerous teams and are therefore able to make dependable judgements and predictions.

It’s better for you to consider buying our predictions as an investment (paying money to avoid losses and maintain wins consistency). If you use our predictions let’s say for a hundred days, our guarantee to you is that you will realize that it was actually worth it and cheaper for you to use our predictions than it would have been had you just chosen to bet blindly.

Other reasons why you should use our predictions

Huge returns

Guaranteed 10,000 Euros and above in returns every 100 days. YES, with our predictions you are almost certain of making 10,000 Euros every 100 days off a minimum budget of just 400 Euros. Remember with a bigger budget, you will definitely make more in profits.

Betting advice

We always provide not only winning soccer betting predictions but also betting advice. Unlike other predictions sites that surely are just after your hard earned money, for us at Bestpredictions.net, whenever we make our analysis and see that on a certain day, most match day games aren’t to safe to make any bets on, we openly advise our customers not to place any bets coz our mission is to ensure you maximize your returns and minimize losses as much as possible.

We do the hard work for you thus saving you a lot if time and money.

Most of our customers don’t have a lot of time to carry out research and do follow ups on the numerous team performances on their own. Using our predictions therefore guarantees you that you will daily receive quality researched soccer predictions in your inbox and still have enough time to do the other things you love.

We are your other eyes.
Our predictions are not meant only for the newbies. They even work well for the most seasoned soccer punters with very good skills. Our predictions may most times help you with predictions on games that may have been off your radar therefore having us as your second pair of eyes may be the cure to propel your profits to another level.

Trust our experience

We have been in this industry for many years. Refining our strategy seasons after season and also trying out different strategies. Though it happens quite often that our predictions win 7/7 days a week, our one guarantee to you is that always be sure of winning almost 4/7 days every week. All you have to do is sign up and follow our simple strategy and advice.

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